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The secret to scaling... A case study

Last year September, we embarked on a journey together with Dutch non-profit organisation Techleap, working to make the Netherlands home to tomorrow's leaders in technology. All the while ensuring diversity within the Dutch tech ecosystem.

An ambitious and admirable mission we knew we wanted to be part of. By working in partnerships with the game-changers, the disruptors, the innovators of the start- and scale-up world, One aims to make a true difference to our world of tomorrow.

Which is exactly why we joined Techleap on their mission, by helping them hire the people they need to steer up the world.

Between September and now, One has supported Techleap in fulfilling some of their key positions within an average of just 11 weeks: the Markets Lead, Talent Lead and Office Manager.

How we did that? By working in true partnerships. Knowing the ins-and-outs of the scale-ups we work with, the industry, roadblocks and needs is just the start of it. What makes the real difference, is our curated 'Little Black Book', as we call it, consisting of the most talented people in Europe whom we can instantly connect to our partners.

Nils Beers, CEO at Techleap, said:

When looking for candidates who combine real startup experience with seniority, look no further. With One we found amazing people for international growth and talent.

Scaling your business but you need help finding the right people? Book in a call directly.

Want to make a difference by working for scale-ups like Techleap? Make sure to add your details to your domain of expertise in our Little Black Book on the opportunity page.

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