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Scaling your scale-up: 4 tips to raise your hiring efficiency

The sustainability of any company starts with people. Your business will stand and fall with having the right people in place. But to get there, the hiring process needs to be as efficient as possible, for otherwise it can either take extremely long or worse even, you will hire the wrong person.

It can be difficult to balance running a business, while going through applications and deciding who to hire. If you have to go through all these stages yourself, it's no wonder that the right person slips through now and again, or that the process is rushed.

You already know that your company is ready to grow. You're aware of your needs, and you're ready to hire the leaders that will help your scale-up scale. All you need to do is to hire efficiently, selecting the right person based both on job and cultural fit. But this is not as easy as it sounds.

Now, you're in luck. Hiring leaders is our sweetspot, and our process for doing so is watertight. Follow these steps, and you'll never make the wrong hiring decision again (or, at least minimise the chances).

1. Ensure that you have a structured application procedure in place ahead of the start of the process

All too often, you may find that you have to actively source your candidates. This doesn't only take up lots of your valuable time and resources, it can also be ineffective for finding the right match. On the other hand, you may get hundreds of applications from people that just don't fit the role so you 'throw them in the bin' (so to speak, of course). This is a hugely inefficient way of hiring, building out a network, and filling up your talent pipeline.

Instead, if you structure the application procedure in such a way as to ensure that you have a large vetted network of talent to build on, you could save yourself some valuable time. The way One does this is with our 'Little Black Book', through which candidates can apply per domain of expertise. The difference is, we are the ones to reach out when there's a match. Time-efficient and effective. Make sure to keep an eye on our blog, because much more on our Little Black Book thought-process and procedures to follow.

2. Clearly define the job, your needs, and the criteria for matching the right candidate

Having the right network and procedures in place is only the start. All too often we see that needs and job descriptions are not aligned, and this misalignment could result in hiring the wrong person.

Ensuring that internally you have clearly defined what it is you're looking for, why you're looking for this person (especially when this considers a leadership role), and how the job is going to fulfill your business needs, is extremely important. When this is in place, the focus then must be on defining the criteria for matching the right candidate to this job. As mentioned in the first step, having already built out your talent pool should make it much easier for you to accomplish your goals.

3. Go through all the steps in an efficiently built hiring funnel

Now comes the part in the process to which a lot of companies look up against: Designing and going through all the necessary steps in the hiring funnel. It can feel extremely daunting to design the funnel through which you hire people.

Designing a 'recruiting blueprint' is what guided us through this funnel. We have started, built on, defined and digitalised this blueprint over time, but the crux of it is that you know exactly the stages of the funnel your candidate goes through, and what you'll need to do in each of these stages. For example, making sure you've got your screening questions standardised for the first call, and validating the right information during the offer will be part of your blueprint. Much more on this in 2020, so make sure to read the updates on our blog.

4. Standardise the above activities for a systematic and well-organised process

Going through the same steps, learning from mistakes, and digitalising and standardising your procedures will ensure you have a recruitment machine that your competitors won't be able to go up against. Too much work? We're more than happy to take your workload.

Of course, this is just a small insight in to what we do to ensure you hire the best people that will really help scale your business from the founding few to a hypergrowth company. Want to know more, or wonder how we can help you? Make sure not to wait too long, because now is the best time to hire.

We still have some slots available to start helping you this year. Don't miss out: Book in a call with Laura or get in touch directly on Laura@oneworks.co, we're looking forward to a chat!

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