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Objectiv x One: bringing AI to product management to help with product strategy decisions

Bijgewerkt: 19 dec 2019

Enterprise software for product management Objectiv is on a mission to scale. Having started the business two years ago, and now being beyond product-market fit, this SaaS scale-up is now ready to build out the team in order to make their sales processes scalable. While building out the sales team, they have a laser sharp product roadmap for the coming 24 months.

Since last summer, when they launched with a $800,000 in funding, they have made huge steps. And you can see why. In short, Objectiv uses AI and data mining to uncover metrics that help drive a product’s success. These metrics are predictive, meaning that it helps businesses in making decisions that offer long-term growth.

Besides, the platform integrates with all product teams by letting them automatically track and learn from the impact of their actions. This helps support the full workflow of product teams, and enables collaborations between teams.

How they do this in practice? Objectiv gives product managers the capabilities of a fulltime data scientist sitting next to them, constantly crunching analytics data in order to make the best roadmap decisions. And even better: The software automates this whole process. Taking away the need for deep-diving self-service analytics, customers see 30% uplift in online conversion and engagement, whilst spending 66% less resources in experimentation.

First wanting to further build out the team in the Netherlands, they have called in One.'s help to find them their new Sales Account Executive and Sales Development Representatives in Utrecht. There is a huge amount of opportunity for career growth, locally and in London and New York, with an eye on multiplying the company by two to three times yearly.

Besides working in a super skilled team in an extremely transparent work environment, joining the team at this time of year offers a unique opportunity to shape the team and processes and really make a mark.

Objectiv is very techie, filled with people that have solid experience in what they do, are super transparent, ambitious, and diverse with multiple nationalities making up the team.

Their internal tagline created by the team is #noceilling: The sky is the limit!

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