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From RTL late night to Young Capital, to One: Marije's first month at One

With a degree in media and communication, Marije kick-started her career in TV production at RTL Late Night. Although a versatile job in the entertainment industry, after three years of hard work and fierce competition, Marije was craving more structure to her days. The choice was made: she wanted to be a recruiter.

And so it began. Through a friend, Marije rolled into a role at Young Capital. At first, she was skeptical. Had she made the right choice to do a career switch? But then it all changed. Starting to work on awesome clients such as Ajax, Bol.com and Bijenkorf, she loved the fast-pace and building connections.

After two years she decided it was time to leave the corporate rat race and join a smaller company where she could start making a bigger impact. Her journey at One was about to start and so we asked her about her first month as a Onesie.

Making an impact by connecting with people who make an impact

Wanting to handle higher positions, working with people with more experience and heavier profiles, the talent business partner position at One was tailor-made for Marije. As our sweet spot is working with C-level positions and scale-ups, it enables us to work with people and products that make an impact. Connecting impactful people to impactful scale-ups, that's powerful.

Focus on quality and making personal connections

Rather than parsing CVs happening at many corporate recruiters, One's focus lies much more on quality by working in partnerships with the client. Knowing the challenges and needs that partners are facing, in turn, means that connections are much more personal and meaningful.

Continuous room for learning and growth

Continuous learning and improvement on a personal and professional level is extremely important. At One, this is hugely stimulated both by having talented and experienced people in place whom you can learn from, as well as being given room for growth. The path is not fixed here, and you can pave your own way to success, with the help of people from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life.

Working together towards common goals

What Marije has really noticed in her first month at One is that people truly work together as a team. There's no ''peacocking'' and no internal competition as she has seen at corporates. Besides that, everything is data-driven, with common goals to work towards and great time management, which has been a great system to walk into.

Has Marije's story convinced you to join us? We're looking for plenty of Onesies to join the team. Besides, we have a team of 20 and growing, which means we'll be moving to a bigger office in March! Apply directly to one of the vacancies on our career page, get in touch with Justin@oneworks.co or make sure to add yourself to our Little Black Book on this page if you want to join one of our partners instead.

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