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Building entire teams to help create Unicorns

Imagine connecting hundreds of people through your work. Working together with your 'clients' in a true partnership. Where two years down the line, you're still supporting them on their journey. Now that's powerful.

In 2018 we first got in touch with a company that has since grown out of proportion. In a good way. It was then that One joined them on their journey to becoming a scale-up Unicorn. Annelies den Boer, CHRO at Speakap said:

Our vision is for people and organisations to work as one. And this is exactly what we've seen in our partnership with One over the last two years. The great group of new joiners we've hired with One is enabling us to deliver on our vision.

Now how did it get to this? This is Speakap's story, in a nutshell.

Speakap started on the store floor. Where founders Erwin van der Vlist and Patrick van der Mijl quickly noticed the ineffective and inefficient communications that were taking place. With the rise of smartphones and mobile internet, they knew things needed to change. And so Speakap was born.

And their journey together with One.

At One we work with the game-changers. The disruptors. The innovators. Stories like Speakap's is exactly why we partner up with these scale-ups. They change our world of tomorrow. They see a problem and they fix it.

Speakap then had a 'problem' of their own. Finding the right people to grow their company of the founding few to a hypergrowth company. Almost 10 years later, Speakap has offices in seven locations around the world, employing more than 60 people in Amsterdam alone.

Our partnership led to these results.

One has worked together with Speakap to fulfill 14 of their crucial roles to date. Our sweet spot are leadership roles. Head of people... Head of Sales... Chief Product Officer... Chief Commercial Officer... but we also help build entire teams for our close partners.

That's why, with an average of 7.4 weeks to hire, we worked mostly on tech roles for Speakap: QA Engineers, Senior Android Engineers and Web Developers, but also Sales Operations Managers, Copywriters and Financial Officers.

The secret One sauce.

We believe that having the right people in place is the most important ingredient for scaling a business. Especially when expanding internationally and having to build an entire team, it's critical to find the people that ensure your business will take off.

Our secret? Working in a true partnership. We've been close partners with Speakap since 2018 and have been on this journey with them ever since.

Knowing the ins-and-outs of the scale-ups we work with, the industry, roadblocks, and needs is just the start. What makes the real difference, is our curated 'Little Black Book', as we call it, consisting of the most talented people in Europe whom we can instantly connect to our partners.

Expanding? Get in touch.

Scaling your business but you need help finding the right people? Book in a call directly.

Want to make a difference by working for fast-growing scale-ups like Speakap? Make sure to add your details to your domain of expertise in our Little Black Book on the opportunity page.

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