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6 Reasons for quitting the agency and freelance game to work in a close-knit team

Having moved from Greece to the Netherlands, Katia decided she was ready for a big change. Her background in firefighting (!!) came to an end when she moved to the Netherlands, but that didn't knock her back as she had a plan B.

Recruitment. Connecting people in meaningful ways. Katia started as a recruiter at an agency and then moved to the world of freelancing. The flexibility of working as a freelancer was great, but working by herself proved difficult, being a real team player herself.

Knowing that she didn't want to move back to the competitive environment of working in an agency and having worked with scale-ups previously, Katia knew that she wanted to start as a Talent Business Partner at One.

One month into the role, we asked her what it's like to work with us. Don't hold back Katia, you've already passed your probation! ;)

1. Working towards team goals

As a freelancer, there weren't many team goals as I was running the show by myself. In agencies, on the other hand, the focus was so much on hitting targets and being better than your team, that it became a really competitive and toxic environment to work in.

Starting at One has been a breath of fresh air. Helping and supporting each other while focusing on team goals rather than individual ones has been not only more relaxing but also way more productive and empowering.

2. Owning your own domain

With this lack of competition internally, there comes a lot of freedom in owning your own domain. At One the path is not fixed, everyone can have their own little domain so they really get to know their clients, candidates and the industry.

I can already take a lot of ownership and that's within weeks of working at One!

Plus, you have the opportunity to grow, being given the space to create new processes and having innovative ideas rather than being part of the factory work which is the case at a lot of agencies.

3. Rely on a big network

Knowing all the ins-and-outs of this industry, and relying on One's Little Black Book makes the search for new people an easy task. The Little Black Book is a large database of the biggest talent in each domain that One has worked to build up over the years. Revolutionary!

4. Working in true partnerships

With the competitiveness in agencies comes largely the need to prove oneself, often resulting in parsing (irrelevant) CVs around and focusing on quantity rather than the quality of candidates. Working so closely together with clients at One means that we know exactly what they're looking for. Quality is the norm and only profiles that fit the needs of our clients are presented. This means the time-to-hire is much faster and the process much more efficient and effective.

5. Making a true difference for disruptive scale-ups

The start- and scale-up industry is hugely interesting to work in. To see a company grow from zero to one hundred and helping build entire teams is really special. These new technologies change our world of tomorrow, so to play a part in that, is incredibly inspiring.

6. Data-driven processes

Finally, I found that what really sets One apart is the data-driven approach to recruitment. Working with data is part of the everyday process. From the candidate pipeline to the interviews and the hires, everything is based on data, making it meaningful and enabling the best quality of work.

Has this convinced you to come join us? We're looking for plenty of Onesies to join the team and we'll be moving to a bigger office soon! Apply directly to one of the vacancies on our career page, or make sure to add yourself to our Little Black Book on this page if you want to join one of our partners instead!

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