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5 Reasons for escaping the Corporate Rat Race to make a true difference at start-up One.

Bijgewerkt: 21 nov 2019

Start-up? Scale-ups? = Scepticism. This were Elsemieke's initial honest thoughts when she was approached by One. back in August.

Well, it wasn't really all that bad. The thought of working for a start-up has always attracted Elsemieke, but she had no real idea around how they work. But when she got wind of the fact that One. works together with scale-ups that change the world, she had to hear more.

And lucky for us she hasn't looked back since that first conversation! But besides our founder's charm, recruiters' persuasiveness, and marketing's impeccable convincing skills, what it really came down to was One's mission, the freedom and transparency it offers, and the ownership you can take here that sold it to Elsemieke.

Fast-forward two months into the job as Talent Business Partner, we were really interested to hear Elsemieke's reasons for leaving the corporate rat race, and join our little team of crazy onesies.

1. More freedom, transparency, and ownership

The biggest difference is that it doesn't feel like work. It sounds super cliche and you may think, 'yeah right, and money doesn't buy happiness', but Elsemieke explains that the freedom, flexibility and ownership you get at One. means that you feel like you really own a piece of the company. In her previous roles at corporates she felt like she was constantly clock-watching, left unchallenged and feeling demotivated.

Having this ownership means you really have a say in matters: Do you want to work for this client, and does this fall within your expertise? Working with c-level talent also means that you can really challenge yourself dealing with interesting people from fascinating backgrounds. You no longer feel like they are just a candidate, but you go way beyond this surface level and really want to help them in their search for their next challenge. The main thing Elsemieke learned in her first two months at One. is that we grow together as a company and with our partners, rather than separately as individuals. Everyone takes responsibility for their own success and that of the whole team, which is great to be part of.

2. Making use of our own vetted network

The difference with a lot of corporate recruitment is that we're not CV parsers at One. We are not cold calling all day, as we draw on our own vetted network of talent. By adding relevant people to our Little Black Book and filling up our talent pipeline this way, our work easily becomes much efficienter, faster, but also more personable. We're very selective around who we can help, and want to surround ourselves with people that really want to make an impact. Candidates and clients.

Besides, the contact with our candidates is much more intense. We're leading extremely driven c-level talent through the whole job hunting process. Elsemieke for example, is often recruiting for companies in the Nordics. As this is a whole different industry, it requires her to really get to know people and build out her network in the Nordics. It's all about finding these people, but also holding them, and adding them to your network (or the Little Black Book, in our case!).

3. Open culture, a highly motivated team, and constantly helping each other

Of course having an elaborate network of candidates is fantastic, but if you feel really demotivated by your manager, or if you have the feeling that you're but a number in your company, that's not exactly going to inspire you to really do all you can right?

As Elsemieke briefly mentioned before, the culture at One. is much more open-minded than in big corporate companies. That doesn't only become apparent in the working hours - which are not your usual 9 to 5 - but also in the collaborations between the team members. Everyone works extremely hard, but always together as a team. We're so open that we even discuss everything in the office, where everyone can hear it and be part of the conversations. It doesn't feel competitive, as everyone is working on their own areas of expertise. None of the processes are set in stone, everything is volatile and changes constantly, which gives us a lot of space to learn and develop ourselves.

I love learning from the team, and our energetic founder Kaan. He gives feedback that really resonates with you, but there's always room for discussion too as there is no right or wrong. The feedback culture at One. is so transparent that, while everyone is appreciated, there is constant room for growth.

4. Clients are world-changing and purposeful

Working with companies that are truly world-changing and purposeful as a product is so rewarding. The fact that they started with a small idea, and have now come to expand, and we can be a part of that is fantastic. Elsemieke has just started with Medis Medical, which is helping revolutionise the medical world. Helping these clients focus on their idea and product, while helping them build out their teams really helps you broaden your horizon. That really gives her energy.

5. Opportunities for personal growth

Briefly touching upon the growth potential, Elsemieke exclaims that at corporate recruitment companies there's a certain career path to follow, rather than determining your own path and looking at your abilities and ambitions. At One. we really look at your skills, ambitions, and how we can help each other get there as a team. Being able to grab ownership and writing your own career path means everything is within reach, you just have to go and do it.

Though she was a slight sceptic ahead of the first chat with One., Elsemieke couldn't imagine herself working anywhere else than this start-up full of crazy onesies now.

They are the One. for me!

And you for us, Els. 😉

Just like Elsemieke, do you want to escape the corporate rat race, because deep down, beyond that little piece of scepticism, you know you'll be getting more opportunities for growth? Why not just come have a chat with one of our Talent Business Partners, they can tell you all about it over a nice cuppa! Or just reach out to Elsemieke@oneworks.co if you want to double check how much we offered her to say all these nice things. 😉

The quickest way to get you added to our blacklist of talent is to join our Little Black Book, and we'll be in touch as soon as there is a match!

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