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Four ways of filling up your talent pipeline: Tips from our Talent Business Partners

Bijgewerkt: 11 okt 2019

Wouldn't it be great to always have a ''holy grail'' list of talent on the ready for whenever you're looking to fill a role in your company? A list with the most highly qualified candidates for the most sought-after positions? Especially in the start-up environment, where the competition is fiercer than ever, having a talent pool would save you tons of time sifting through hundreds of irrelevant CVs.

At One. we call this ''filling your talent pipeline''', a hiring utopia. Our Talent Business Partners always ensure they interact with our own network of professionals and keep those lines of communication open for when there is a job-talent match. This empowers them to be a true business partner, and not just a regular recruiter that is out there to get their hiring bonus, or to tell their manager they have managed to make 25 calls that day.

Our Head of Recruitment, Tim Goedhart, explains how One. does it:

1. Networking, networking, networking.

Over the last three decades, we have build up a vast network of vetted professionals, and added these A-listers to our list of hidden talent gems. Remember, we are not like the usual recruiter that will ruthlessly call, meet, and aimlessly message potential candidates. Instead, we have started to fill our talent pipeline through our own rooted network. This way, when we start working with a new client, our efficiency will not only save us all time and resources, we can also ensure that we will introduce them to candidates we already know through and through.

2. Pre-screen your network of candidates.

Once you know your clientele and what they are searching for in a new leader, the next step is to pre-screen your network of candidates. You are only after the top-notch candidates, so it's all about ensuring your talent pool is full of those rockstars. If they're not a match, don't just add them to your pool to make up numbers, but simply let them go. This should get you an organised list of only those candidates that match your clientele's wants and needs.

One. Talent Business Partner

3. Manage relationships at every stage.

What you want to avoid is to become a CV parser. At One. we make sure we don't only build these true connections, but we also manage these relationships. Ensuring that both the clients and the potential candidates are happy at all times, even when they're not actively looking for a job or to fill a position. This way we know that when the right job comes along, it's just a matter of connecting talent and scale-up, knowing that there'll be the right cultural fit from the get-go.

4. Connect and add them to your talent pool.

Finally, these candidates are added to our Little Black Book and connected to our clientele. We can now always rely on this book of talent, knowing that all the right candidates are right here on our doorstep! Are you tired of getting unnecessarily contacted by recruiters, often with irrelevant jobs, or at a time when you're not actually looking for a new job? Make sure to join our Little Black Book of talent, and one of our Talent Business Partners will be in touch with the relevant jobs at the right time!

Alternatively, if you are a scale-up looking for some awesome leaders to join your company, get in touch with Laura@oneworks.co, and we will connect you to our network. We can also be found at SaaStock Dublin on the 15th and 16th October - join our drinks event here!

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