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11 weeks, 5 crucial hires, 1 top-grade scale-up

Bijgewerkt: 29 jan 2020

Challenge, accepted.

Exactly two years ago, back in February 2018, we came in contact with a company that was planning to launch in the Netherlands. At that time, there was one October employee, which made helping to build a team from the ground up a nice challenge.

Having started in France in 2015, fin-tech start-up October has gone through extreme growth since. First having crossed the borders into Italy and Spain, October also officially launched in the Netherlands in October 2018 and in Germany in 2019.

This is our mantra.

From credit risk analysis to operations, to in- and outside sales, One has had the honor of working on these crucial roles with this promising start-up. We recruited employees with a solid background in finance and a start-up mentality, essentially offering the best of both worlds.

We believe that having the right people in place is the most important ingredient for scaling a business. Especially when expanding internationally and having to build an entire team, it's critical to find the people that ensure your business will take off. Because growing internationally is not an easy task.

Leading to these key results.

With an average of 11 weeks, One has been able to fulfill five of October's key positions in the Netherlands, two of which took less than a whopping 5 weeks.

The secret One sauce.

How did we do that? By working in a true partnership. We've been close partners with October NL since the start of 2018 and have been on this journey with them ever since.

Knowing the ins-and-outs of the scale-ups we work with, the industry, roadblocks, and needs is just the start. What makes the real difference, is our curated 'Little Black Book', as we call it, consisting of the most talented people in Europe whom we can instantly connect to our partners.

Luuc Mannaerts, CEO at October NL, said:

We need people who think and act as entrepreneurs, yet are top notch in the financial sector. Those are a rare breed and One has been critical in launching and scaling our business in the Netherlands.

Expanding? Get in touch.

Scaling your business but you need help finding the right people? Book in a call directly.

Want to make a difference by working for fast-growing scale-ups like October? Make sure to add your details to your domain of expertise in our Little Black Book on the opportunity page.

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