The #Onesies

At One., we have got a strong team with different expertise. While Kaan is busy activating the network for new partnerships, Tim, Angrick, Daan and Elsemieke are focusing on recruitment. Besides that, we have finance, sales and marketing specialists on board as well! But, we are always looking for people who want to join the ride and bring One. to the next level. Are you the next Onesie?

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Daan is the typical guy everyone likes. Though he loves the Amsterdam catering scene, he's an avid traveller as city-trips are his love at first flight.

Talent Business Partner

Daan Gehrels

As former goalkeeper for AFC Ajax, Laura get's a kick out of managing our partner relationships. Our sales and your business are in safe hands, she's a keeper!

Partnership Manager

Laura Du Ry

Ferdinand is an athlete, but he doesn't run away from bringing structure to the team's processes, planning and finance.

He's the organisational master-mind and is always rooting for a healthy workplace.

Head of Operations & Finance

Ferdinand Lie

Our content guru Patsy loves a good pun, but also set she loves playing volleybal and reading.


You can book her in for anything content-related, whenever she's not off volunteering or travelling - pun voyage!

Head of Content

Patricia van Winden

Not only is he another Ajax fanatic and player, Justin is also a soccer for kite-surfing. Other than that, he is the key to our online business success, he clicks with everyone!

Head of Growth

Justin Swart

Shaking her hips as a former professional Latin American dancer, she's now shaking up Italy where she works as a Virtual PA.

Besides knowing what Kaan eats, thinks, and drinks, Debbie also enjoys drinking cappuccinos (true Italian style) and doing yoga. Namaste!

PA & Operations

Debbie Breg

With 3 cups of coffee down before the crack of dawn, it's safe to say Tim works hard for this team and partners alike, and he loves it a latte. When he's not working, motorcycles drive him crazy!

Head of Recruitment

Tim Goedhart

Vamos! Angrick brings in her Latin temperament, but most of all, experience and skills.

Oyes, you hear that right, Angrick is in charge of all things tech and her motherliness always keeps the team in tech!

Tech Talent Business Partner

Angrick Capriles Torres

Though having studied at a business school focused on the automotive industry, since 2012 he has been fueled for joy to be working in the world of startups and tech. When he's not busy networking, he loves traveling and enjoying a pint of Erdinger Weissbrau.

Partnership Manager

Jan-Jaap Verhoeve

After having some experience on the (dark) corporate side, horse-riding enthusiast Elsemieke decided to jump the hurdle and have some more ownership.


She also loves to exercise, particularly a cross between a lunge and a crunch: a well-deserved lunch.

Talent Business Partner

Elsemieke Wijgerse

Originally from Greece, Katia started her career as a firefighter. After first starting work in the Netherlands as a freelancer, she now has a burning passion for tech recruitment and loves animals. 

Tech Talent Business Partner

Katia Mazga


In his spare time, Kaan loves treating his family to big travels (Bora Bora is his favourite destination, a place so great they named it twice).


But in the office we can always find him cruising from meeting to meeting and rushing back in with unbridled enthusiasm and energy.

Founder & CEO

Kaan Anit

Amir has moved around a lot - from Iran, to Spain, to UAE and, lucky for us, the Netherlands. His biggest dream is to go to space, but now his favourite destination is ''the next one''.


Amir is a professional sourcer and we're over the moon to have him.

Sourcing Engineer

Amir Azimi


With a background in TV production, Marije's passion now mainly lies in seeing the world, skiing and having lots of food and drinks with her favourite people. At One, she finds energy in connecting people in meaningful ways.

Talent Business Partner

Marije Smak


We are always on the lookout for new onesies to join the team. Make sure to get in touch if you'd like to be one of this bunch of crazies!

Our Newest Onesie



This Frisian has a keen interest in traveling and surfing, but is now ready to make waves at One as the newest Account Executive.


With a background in Music & Sports Events and History Teaching, this chameleon is ready to make history for Europe's scale-ups.

Account Executive

Eyso de Vries