A major stumbling block for every hyper-growth company is the need to recruit a team that helps you cross the bridge from a culture of the 'founding few' to the 'grown-up' company that matches your product and ambitions.


You need people with functional expertise and corporate management experience. But more importantly, they need to fit your company culture and grow with you to the next stage.


That kind of talent is not only highly sought-after, but often settled in pretty great jobs already. Besides, competition for top professionals is fiercer than ever.



You are looking for the most cost, time and resource efficient way to bring in the talent that you need to grow.




You are scaling fast, but your recruitment operations are nascent. Time-intense executive hiring or building entire teams is a stretch.




You draw upon the power of your own network and that of your investors – only to realise that they have hit a ceiling.

Your pipeline is running dry. You know you need to expand sourcing, but you are overwhelmed by the options.


One. will help you supercharge your network. 


With deep roots in the European tech scene, we have contributed to the growth of many innovative companies in the Netherlands, and beyond. 

We believe that 'who you know' is key to a smart hiring strategy for hyper-growth companies.

At the heart of our operations is a highly curated Blackbook of leadership talent across all disciplines and European geographies. Over the past 20 years, we have gotten to know the most talented people.


We don’t just nurture our talent pool - we also provide recruitment guidance to you. Hiring at a leadership level is a tightrope walk, and one which the top CEOs get coached on.


We know firsthand how tough the transition from startup to scale-up can be. As veteran recruiters, we have seen it all. That's why we will be at your side with tried-and-tested best practices.


Leadership hiring must be part of your business plan and your long-term vision.


We develop a rich understanding of your culture, the stage of growth you are in, the current team and the talent market.


Our team will then align roles and skills with your growth strategy. 


You’ve got the culture and inspiring work environment nailed, we make sure that world-class talent knows about it.


With our 360 team, we use content marketing, digital advertising, and SEO tactics to make sure the right messaging lands in front of the right people at the right time, using the right channels.


Here is where our experience and our black book will come into play. We know our network, and we speak to them in a clear, honest and personable way. This defines the beginning of an exceptional candidate experience.


All you need to do is set aside time to meet those qualified professionals that will be the closest match to your own unique culture and vision.


Leadership talent is high maintenance, and hiring at this level is a reputational tightrope walk.


We will guide you through every stage of the hiring process to create a best-in-class candidate experience that will help you win the race for talent: from interviews and assessments, to reference checking, to rejections, to offer negotiations and to on-boarding.