• Patsy van Winden

Your Remote Hiring Guide: Tips From The Network

Innovation is at its best in times of crisis. Now is all about being entrepreneurial. Thinking in solutions, being innovative and working together. After speaking to founders, business owners and managers in our network over the last few weeks, we are more than impressed with the creative solutions developed to make sure businesses keep going and growing.

Of course, for us, we are first and foremost interested in how scale-ups are handling their challenges. Particularly their hiring ones. How do you get the right people on board to thrive? Here's some inspiration from our network.

1. Screening and assessing your workforce

Remotely, Equalture's new remote working tool, helps you assess and optimize your employees' remote working skills right from the get-go to stay productive in these uncertain times. Raising team productivity by 51% and team confidence by 73%, this kind of innovation is exactly what businesses need to assess our current and new workers.

2. Use all available assets to interview your candidates remotely

Not being able to see each other during the interview can form a problem both for the company and the candidate alike. The usual connection you could feel towards each other is somehow lost by not being able to judge each other face-to-face. Luckily, there is an abundance of video tools available for us to use. Advanced tools like 24sessions help you accelerate and supercharge your hiring process, and that within the comfort of your own workspace [home].

3. Make sure to complete the process by facilitating closing the deal

You finally hand-picked your new employees. You're happy with your choice and you feel like you did really get to know each other, albeit from a distance. Now you just have to ensure you don't lose these candidates, you've worked so hard towards this. Fortunately, as our partner Colect.io has reminded us by being in utter hiring mode, we have lots of tools for that available, too. DocuSign, Pandadoc and Proposify are just three examples of tools enabling us to sign contracts with a simple e-signature.

4. Streamline your onboarding process

Hiring your new team members is one thing, but onboarding them is an extremely important step and mustn't be overlooked. You can still lose your new employees at this point if you don't immediately get them stuck in and help them feel part of the [work] family. Thankfully, onboarding tools like Talmundo facilitate this process and gets your new employees up-to-speed in no time.

The next chapter will go more in-depth about onboarding during these challenging times. This is not just challenging from the perspective of a business owner, but also for candidates. When starting a new opportunity in the best of times, everyone considers all available avenues. Taken from the conversations we’ve had over the past weeks, the added uncertainties in these times are only adding more questions to the pile. But more on that soon.

Meanwhile, let us know if you would like us to discuss any other subjects you're currently struggling with. We’re happy to help. If you just need some advice (free of charge, of course), or you need some concrete help with your hiring, just get in touch https://meetings.hubspot.com/lauradury/get-insights-one

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