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Med Tech Scale ups - Changing the future

Bijgewerkt: 17 sep 2019

Medicine is a field that has benefited from the rise of technology since the beginning. From basic improvements in equipment to the way doctors can share information and communicate, it’s a space where the technological improvements can improve the lives of many. With so many inspiring Scale-Up companies coming through the woodwork, we thought we would round up some of the ones we’ve certainly taken notice of.


Communication within the professional industries needs to be secure, especially when it comes to medical information. When sharing patient data or health insurance information, organisations need to be sure they handle this valuable information securely so they can focus on providing the best care for their patients. This is where ZIVVER comes in. This company offers a solution that can be used in various industries, but the health industry is where a large part of its customer base is. ZIVVER has developed a platform that allows communication to take place securely, effectively and with software that is easy to use. 


Siilo is a company that takes this key need for secure communication to another level. Working from the Whatsapp model – they are all about the collaboration. When it comes to discussing patient cases and getting second opinions from fellow professionals. The classic idiom ‘two minds are better than one’ is taken in this business model, as Siilo allows medical professionals to share with many of their colleagues and ensure they are making the right diagnosis, or to help them solve more difficult cases accurately and effectively. With 100% security, you know all conversations and information shared will be kept safe, allowing true professionals to collaborate and make a difference for their patients.


Castor EDC is a cloud-based data capture platform that collates high quality and reusable data within the medical research industry. Their platform can be used for research, institutes and for commercial – with the aim to help improve medical research and find cures faster. As the platform continues to grow, its effectiveness will only increase, as it is able to scan and reference a vast subset of medical data to ensure accuracy. With a real focus on the patients, Castor EDC can also send forms to patients and automatically send information based on triggers – really streamlining the process and capturing useful data for the future.


Medis, a Dutch company who lie on the more technical side of the med-tech industry have been actively changing the way we scan for cardio-vascular issues for 25 years. They have pioneered many imaging devices across MRI, CT, IVUS and OCT, with both invasive and non-invasive application methods. The Medis software is now widely used by radiologists, cardiologists and researchers to provide ‘quantitative and qualitative’ evaluation of their imagery – a truly reliable source to keep anyone’s most valuable muscle ticking.


Livongo is a game-changing company that allows people with Diabetes to interact with a virtual care team any time of the day. Diabetes can be hard to monitor, and their devices mean that you are plugged in and getting support on when and how is best to cater to your bodies needs. This is a prime example of how combining medicine and technology together, to create simple to use devices, can truly benefit the lives of many. Livongo is also in the process of launching a disease management offering for people with hypertension, which could cause a massive impact on the lives of people suffering from severe cases.

Day- Zero Diagnosis

 This Harvard based company has looked at the current market place for health, and realized there is a rising problem when it comes to antibiotic resistance. Using genome sequencing paired with, the ever tending, machine learning, they are adapting the way diagnosis is made and treatment is suggested. Powered by their machine-learning algorithm KeynomeTM, they use a vast microbial resistance databases to determine antibiotic resistance within individuals. Their system is looking to identify the species and antibiotic resistant profile within hours meaning much faster responses for infectious diseases. Enough big words for you in that one? Regardless, they are making a pretty awesome impact.

Le Quest

All these developments are well and good – but if the professionals don’t know how to use them then how can they truly reap the benefits? This is where LeQuest have made their sweet spot. Technology is now very imbedded within the medical industry, and Le Quest aim to improve the quality of care by training healthcare professionals to use medical technology with competence and confidence. Their service being tech-enabled and uses the power of simulation-based online trainings to train and certify professionals for a safe and adequate use of medical equipment. This allows them to truly master the use of it before using the equipment themselves.

The Med-tech scene has a vast array of companies and innovation, and the above listed are only a snippet of some of the inspiring companies that are popping up across the globe in this space.

We know, that like any industry, there will always be a need for top-notch talent to help these life-changing Scale-Ups continue to grow and influence to lives of many. Get in touch to see if we can help find the people you need change your industry.

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