• Justin Swart

Living the chocolate dream with Tony’s Chocolonely

Bijgewerkt: 17 sep 2019

A generation who grew up reading and watching the various variations of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. With edible chocolate rivers and trees made of lollipops, it’s any child’s dream.

Although in reality those things are close to impossible there is a company that is taking that childlike enthusiasm and passion for chocolate, and combining it with social responsibility with fair trade ingredients.

Tony’s Chocolonly, brightly coloured bars, creative flavours and seriously good fair trade chocolate have this company paving the way for the future of this sweet & creamy at home staple.

With a dedication to people being at the core of their business, working against slavery in the chocolate industry, they are equally as dedicated to their own teams. With a strong ethos of “we’re in this together” the team at Tony’s invest in development, reward initiative and strive to have a working environment that motivates change.

They’re now looking for new talent to join them on their journey- to help them grow even more and spread the word about the mission for fair chocolate. They’re looking for someone who is equally as dedicated to their cause (and loves chocolate of course) for the role of a sales force consultant.

So, ever dreamed of joining a chocolate company? Well this could be your chance to make things a little sweeter in your everyday life.

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