• Patsy van Winden

Hack the Crisis: Facing Corona challenges with tech solutions

There are a few things you can do when you're facing a crisis. Usually, we tend to take a mixture of measures because that's our coping mechanism, especially when we're reacting to new situations.

1. We panic (which may or may not result in buying all the toilet paper you can find...)

2. We de-catastrophize the situation (oh I'm sure we can still see and hang out with our friends)

3. We find solutions (ok, though I'm no longer running out of toilet paper yet this may take longer than expected. Now how do we lift ourselves up?)

Of course, these are some of the extremes. Some may not apply to you or you have a much longer list. The point is, finding solutions and striving for innovation is key at times like these.

The Hack the Crisis challenge is a great example of such innovation. This initiative was launched in March, for people to collaborate on the execution of anticrisis ideas to help people handle the pandemic aftermath. Making a small contribution to this positivity, One is supporting the Dutch winners of the hackathon in connecting them with the right people.

These initiatives are innovation and entrepreneurship at its best and we're excited to see what these products turn into.

Now how are they helping the current crisis?

1. Roodkappje launched its app to help local businesses, as they are the backbone of our economy. The Corona-crisis has created challenges for small businesses that they've never seen before. Roodkappje supports them by bringing local food suppliers online easily and connecting them to customers and volunteers. An invaluable invention that's incredibly needed, especially today.

2. Products and services are quickly developed to accommodate the Corona-crisis. But how do we make sure that medical supplies are tested and validated? PplCert ensures that essential supplies and products such as air ventilators and masks can be trusted before putting it to use, without losing critical time.

3. AnalysisMode.com takes innovation to the next level with their solution to this pandemic. This collaborative research platform was created to enable researchers to find vaccines faster with the help of any willing citizen. That’s right, you need no scientific knowledge, you simply need to play a game that teaches the AI to predict the vaccine formula for COVID-19.

And they could use all the help they can get. Connect and share far and wide, because it's more important than ever to stand together.

Do you also want to connect and collaborate, or just need some advice? Schedule some time in our calendar and we'll be in touch soon: https://meetings.hubspot.com/lauradury/get-insights-one

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