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From Hospitality to Start-up: 5 Reasons for changing industries

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Coming from Amsterdam-famous restaurant Loetje, where he worked as a recruiter for several years, Daan was ready to move on to a place where the teams were smaller, there were more interesting candidates, and there was more variety in his days.

That's where he knocked on One.'s door.

And we are over the moon that he joined us in summer. We invite as much diversity and backgrounds to our team as possible, as we believe it's crucial to learning and developing as a team.

All we need is for all our Onesies to love working with scale-ups that improve the world of tomorrow, and to want to connect them to the very best people out there.

A few weeks ago we spoke to Elsemieke about her reasons for leaving the Corporate Rat Race, and this week it is Daan who is in the spotlight.

1. Much more chance to develop yourself far and wide

Working for a start-up in the scale-up world has massively broadened Daan's business outlook. At One. we only work with leaders: the management teams that really help to scale your business to the next level. Because every company and culture is different, and a Head of Sales at company A might be worlds apart from that of company B, it means you always have to be razor sharp.

This has given me a chance to develop myself and my understanding of the business world far more.

2. The focus for the talent business partners is 100% on recruitment

Having such a strong team made up of talent business partners, partnership managers and a marketing and operations department, means that the focus of the talent business partners lies solely on recruitment. There is no cold calling. No hard sales. You can really sink your teeth into the scale-ups you work for and focus on fixing their pains.

Having such a strong partnership also means that we don't have to focus on writing job descriptions. You are always working together with these businesses, but at the same time with a large variety in roles. Having such a strong connection, and drawing more and more on the talent pool in our Little Black Book, means our work to find the right talent for our partners is increasingly more efficient. And in turn more personable and enjoyable.

3. The company culture is nonhierarchical

Having such a small team means that all processes and communication is crystal clear, and we don't have hierarchy in our teams. Sitting on the same desks, on the same chairs (just kidding), in the same cosy space on the Keizersgracht, means that communication flows very easily and we're continuously learning from everyone in the team. We don't have to go through a lot of hoops, or booking appointments through HR.

As it's still such a flat organisation, everyone is equal and on the same level (though some tall Dutchies). But at some point, when we are really making waves and growing, this culture may be harder to protect. Though we will do everything we can to safeguard it.

Being one of the first ones in the team means such an amazing opportunity for growth. You can find your own sweetspot and grow as an individual and with the company.

4. Building real connections with people from all walks of life

Not only do we have strong connections with our 'colleagues' (we don't like that word), but it also means more personal contact with our clients and candidates.

There are times when candidates I placed and haven't spoken to for some time send me a WhatsApp to tell me how much they're enjoying their new role. I love those real personal connections.

The fact that we aren't selling a product, but we're just trying to find the best match for both client and candidate means that we can really keep these ties strong. We have built a huge network through this way of working, and each of our talent business partners have their own group of candidates they are continuously in contact with. Then it's just a matter of connecting the right candidate to the right scale-ups. Job done!

Besides, there is something really powerful about sitting around the table with people that truly want to make a difference. Impactful people and scale-ups that don't talk to you like you're doing a job for them, but as a partner.

5. You can fill in your own role and take real ownership

Giving you the ability to fill in your own role, outline your personal goals and ambitions, and giving you the stage, so to say, is something that One. excels at.

Especially with a new year around the corner, One. really pushes us to set goals for ourselves and take true ownership.

Just like Daan and Elsemieke, do you want to escape the corporate rat race, because deep down you know you'll be getting more opportunities for growth? Why not just come have a chat with one of our Talent Business Partners, they can tell you all about it over a nice cuppa! Or just reach out to Daan@oneworks.co if you want to double check how much we offered him to say all these nice things. 😉

The quickest way to get you added to our blacklist of talent is to join our Little Black Book, and we'll be in touch as soon as there is a match!

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