• Justin Swart

Fintech’s swimming up stream on a global scale.

Bijgewerkt: 17 sep 2019

Fintech, it’s a buzzword that’s circulating the start-up and scale up communities globally. A Fintech can come in many forms, whether investment, payment or loans, these are companies taking a once stuffy and archaic system and revolutionizing them for the digital age. Whether you’re numbers minded or not, finance is apart of everything and it’s great to see these innovative companies making it accessible for the new generation of tech natives.


Friss is the company tackling the nitty gritty stuff that costs insurance companies a fortune every year. Their technology detects and scores if insurance claims coming in are fraudulent. With fraud, risk and compliance being their bread and butter – their system is looking to be a pivotal part in the future of insurance… and we’re pretty happy to be calling them our partners while they take on this industry.


Written on the forefront of their website; “Legacy out. Agility in.” Ophen is a finetech with a clear mission to shake up the financial industry. They’re a cloud-based banking enablement platform, which concentrates it’s efforts on retail investment and savings accounts. Their aim is to partner with banks that are interested in moving their business into the new tech-age by offering them innovative solutions to, in their words, “liberate” them from their legacy systems. I guess you could call them the freedom fighters of fintech.


Formerly Lendix, October is a Fintech lending company who are proudly embracing the digital age with a new model for business loans. Their business model brings together those who want to lend, and companies who need money, all with a simple and transparent platform. They’re growing quick with their innovative solution to lending, with offices popping up across Europe. Their recent rebrand has meant a lot of positive changes for them internally, and we’re excited to have call them partners as we help them through this next growth phase.


Adyen is a Dutch giant that will have snuck into your every day without you even knowing it. As a payments gateway, it’s a simple, clean and easy to use platform that helps companies grow and get insight on everything payments with their business. Used Uber recently? Booking.com? or Spotify? These are just some of the giants currently used the Adyen payments system. Very much globally minded, they’re an example of just how game-changing these fintech companies can be.


Yellowtail has found its sweet spot within the consultancy and development of specialty platforms within the Fintech space. With a heap of experience in user experience and digital transformation, they are making moves by modernizing and the financial sector with data-driven software solutions. Their mission is to improve the quality of the consumer’s financial life – and with 15 years experience designing, building and managing digital software, seems this mission is in very capable hands.


Whether we like it or not, finance in an important part of life. Ockto steps in with a safe and simple app that’s makes collecting and sharing financial information as easy as can be. Connecting with relevant websites and your DigiD, you can get all your ducks in a row for important financial undertaking, setting up your mortgage? Or need to send your information to a tax consultant? This is where Ockto steps in. With an added business offering– you can also use Ockto to collect data from your customers, helping with organization, advisory and keeping it simple when it comes to finance.

Digital Insurance Group

A technology partner for the financial services, digital Insurance Group works with clients in insurance, banking and brokerage. DIG brings all their experience in tech stack to the table for their partners. Their digital solutions integrate seamlessly into any existing IT and can connect to databases or legacy systems. Offering a swing to digital and mobile, all their experiences are fully customizable for their customers, including for scalability and multi-country purposes. They also happen to be one of our early adapters, so kudos to them!


Currencycloud is a company who are bridging the gap with global payments. They have built a smart payments platform that makes it more simple for companies to work internationally. With a customizable API, every individual business can have a bespoke offering to suit their specific needs, even if it means imbedding current payments infrastructure or building on top of, and expanding them. To top it all off, they also take care of all regulatory hurdles when it comes to cross-border payments, meaning you can focus on taking your business global.

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