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Finding a Sales and Marketing director for InvoiceFinance

Sven van der Biezen, CEO and co-founder @ Invoice Finance

In Q4 of last year, we were looking for a Director of Sales, as well as a Director of Marketing. Although we knew, we needed these people, putting together a clear profile was difficult. We needed someone who knew how to adapt in a fast-moving start-up like Invoice Finance. 

When we decided we would use an external party to help us with recruiting these people, we stumbled upon a lot of old-fashioned recruitment companies.

The forecasts they presented would simply take too much time for the hurry we were in. Our first meeting with One. was immediately very interesting. They showed us how strong their network was in the start-up and scale-up scene and were very realistic about the results we could expect. We liked the fact that they knew exactly how to find and reach the people we needed. 

We quickly decided on the processes and procedures and made clear agreements on what we could expect from each other. Besides sourcing and screening, One. also helped us with implementing a clear and efficient hiring proces. We agreed that the team would do the first screening of every candidate and that we would take over from there. 

Of course, in the first few weeks you have to get used to each other, but we we’re happy with the passion, involvement and enthusiasm coming from One. We were happy to receive feedback from the guys and we felt comfortable with giving them feedback as well. The team here at Invoice Finance is often very busy, but One. fully understood that and were not afraid to chase us during our busy days. We really liked this and believe that you need that at this when you’re hiring people of this level. 

The results lived up to our expectations. We had meetings with several very strong candidates, but what we liked the most was how the team of One. thought with us instead of for us, in getting the profiles clear. They basically helped us see what our team really needed at that moment. As a CEO you often know what you want your team to be like, and they helped me understand what kind of people could help me achieve that.

I could definitely recommend every start-up, scale-up and grown-up to discover the options with One. They'll do everything to understand your business, are willing to work hard and really under promise - over deliver

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