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5 Reasons to start the hiring process before the end of the year

Bijgewerkt: 2 dec 2019

We're very near the end of the year. The Christmas lights are in full beam, the gloves are out, and the woolen socks are on. Everyone is busy finishing the year on a positive. This includes planning for 2020, and ensuring that we'll start the year with a bang.

But doesn't that mean that we're completely forgetting that we can still make waves before the end of the year?

At One. we sure aren't! We're still on full ''getting you the best people'' mode, and what if we told you that now is the best time to start the process and make sure you can make that killer hire as soon as possible? Make a list, and check it twice.

Top talent waits for no one

December can be a frustrating month for hiring, as many candidates are notoriously taking a break from job seeking during the holiday.

We've found this to be a myth.

When there's a job opening, ultimately it's crucial to fill the role sooner than later. Top talent is more likely to stand out, and our talent pool is full of candidates looking for a new challenge. They won't be on the market for long, so we're just making sure that you get the talent you need to start off the new year with a crazy good hire.

Embrace the slower pace

In fact, the end or the start the year may be the perfect time to get that new hire on-board. With fewer calls to be made, half the number of meetings booked in, your new employee will have all the time in the world to get up to speed and go through the necessary training.

A perfect time to start hitting the ground running in the new year.

Take the pressure off your team

You have already identified there is a need for a new leader in your team. Waiting with this hire will only add extra pressure on your current team, which often results in scattered focus and a downwards spiral in productivity levels.

You need new energy, drive and focus on board to help drive success for your business.

Priorities shift all the time

You know that you need a new team member to really scale your business. The start- and scale-up industry we work in is extremely fast-paced, with a lot of volatility. Change is around the corner constantly, so why wait and see if your priorities may shift again?

Beat the uncertainty by getting in that much needed talent right now.

You lose momentum

If you wait until after the holidays to start the process, it will be mid-to-late January before you get any momentum going. The focus of your current employees may be on planning ahead, and the pressure is on because you haven't got in that crucial hire in time.

We would love to take the pressure off you and your team, starting today. Have you already decided you need to expand your team? Then just make sure not to wait too long.

Because the top talent will be snapped up before the Christmas tree is up.

One. would love to help out. Book in a call with Laura or get in touch directly on Laura@oneworks.co.

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